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Project Crownland Documentary

Project Crownland Documentary (12min)

This short documentation was a true first for me in a lot of regards.

My first real documentary project.
My first real drone experiences.
My first real bolting expedition after the Drill and Chill Festival in 2016.

A lot went right I think.

Short Description

Climbing is a fantastic experience. But for most of us climbers, the whole world behind clipping the bolt is not existing, at least out of reach. Do you know Gus? No? Me neither before I went on a bolting-expedition to a remote place in Ontario. If you know what's behind a bolted climb, you become a more complete member of the community.


Yüma - smek
Wallbreaker Studio - White Bear
Synthkeywizzard - halo
Goodriddler - Caught between the devil and the deep blue see
Macroform - Lines
Gregoire Lourme - Rain

Project Details

Time: 2017

Place: Ontario, Canada

Type: photo & video