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Daniel Jung FA Jamais Deux Sans Toit 9a+

Daniel Jung FA Jamaix Deux Sans Toit (9a+)

Jamaix Deux Sans Toit (9a+)

There is something about how smoth and hypnotizing Daniel Jung climbs Jamais Deux Sans Toit (9a/+) that fascinated as well as motivated me.. Apart from putting up this strong first ascent. When I was jugging up my static line to shoot Daniel, I was realizing how impressive and steep the middle section was. Crazy climbing 🤪 there. Also cool that Seb Bouin had the vision to open it..

Driving home from Mollans-Sur-Ouvèze pretty stoked about the climbing of both Daniel and Sylwia Buczek as well as my shots, I was listening to the Bandcamp radio I missed that Tuesday. When the equally hypnotic Su Na - Cycle was meandering into my ears, I knew I wanted to combine a video piece.

I'm super proud of Daniel who made his projecting on Jamais Deux Sans Toit work out in the end. Keep hypnotizing me!

Thanks Black Diamond for making this video possible #liveclimbrepeat #brandofthebrave #schlüsselstelle #jungsboulderhalle

Climber: Daniel Jung
Belay: Sylwia Buczek
Video & Edit: Hannes Kutza
Music: Su Na - Cycle


Project Details

Time: 2017, December

Place: Mollans-Sur-Ouvèze, France

Type: photo, video & edit